Sleep is a challenge everyday

You might just think sleeping is very easy, but finding a good place and location to nap is always a challenge for me! I need something with little light, sound, and movement. And in the winter...of course...somewhere warm-eow. I could always find a servant's lap to sit on, but they don't know how to stay still like a statue! Always moving around forcing me to adjust my position. But I found a location...even though, it's not as warm, it meets the conditions...A Trader Job's brown paper "recyclable" bag. Mmmm, this feels comfortable...


Mreeeoww....Wheres my food?

Mmmm...Food is my number one priority, I mean...How can I have a good nap and dream without having a good meal? However my servants never give me enough food. I always keep trying to tell them: What I want is an endless supply of food! ...But each time I meow, but they say something I can't understand like..."meow didnzt, youuu juzt eatzo e-alots rmeow?".

Maybe they said something had trouble catching food...or they are just lazy! More meowing is needed! I should put them back through food catching/preparing school. Making me meow for food is unacceptable! Well, I'm off for a good nights sleep, I hope I don't have that nightmare about my food growing legs and running away again..

Still Hungry-nya,

Meow~ .... Nya~...zzzzzzz

Hello Friends...zzz

My name is Paigow nya~. I'm a family house cat living peacefully in an house in Virginia. I've finally had enough of just being a family cat. I want to be famous but I am scared of almost everything so there is no way I would leave the house. That is when I found that I can be famous while still happily sleeping on my favorite seat. This blog is just a stepping stone for me to become king of the cats, meow. I've got some dreaming to do, so catch you all later.