Back from my journey-nya

You've all been probably wondering where I've been. During the past few weeks, I've decided to had enough of been cold since my heater found another job... (shame on him for leaving me!) and secretly I night I packed up and go to Brazil, I saw a magazine on the table and it looks very warm there. Since it's so cold here!!

But it was a horrible decision as the outside world is not for cats. What a terrible mistake it was to go out. I had to live off saved up treats because I couldn't open up the cans of cat food. I should file a law suit, whats the point of easy opening cans when a cat can't open it. I need to speak to my cat lawyer. And who knew that the local bus didn't accept meow-mix currency!!

Anyhow it was a horrible decision. I've decided that 1st what I need is a cat's drivers license. I might take another journey to the local DMV or rather DM(Cat)V.


Eeeewwwwoew!! Reporting Breaking News! Disaster Alert!!!

At around 7:05 PM, various unknown strangers entered my dome, carrying various kinds of eatable substances trying to lure me out.

7:35 PM, more invaders have come, I've seeked shelter in the basement. They should not discover me here.

7:50 PM, basement door broken down by the monsters. I've run at lightning speed fast up to the 2nd level. It seems like only their foot fur is only half-way the stair level.

8:30 PM, from the sound, it seems like even more invaders and monsters have gathered up below, seeking SOS signal to cat neighbors.

8:45 PM, no response from cat neighbors. Where are they when I need them...useless!!

9:00 PM, hungry and no food, I may have to compromise with the invaders for food. Can't....resist....foood...stomach....hungry....

9:30 PM, finally got food through all the invaders, they seem to be not harmful and friendly (maybe).

9:50 PM, (friendly) invaders start chanting very loudly in a tree stick, they seem to have gone crazy, my ears can't stand it, seeking refugee back upstairs.

10:00's just a bad dream....everything will be back the way it is when i'm awake.

11:00 PM....shifting sleeping position...invaders still present. Paigow - out.

12:00 PM....zzz...the cat god in my dream said if give him 50% of my daily food, he'll help me get the invaders out...that is ridiculous!....zzzzz

1:00 AM....they are still here....checked basement...seem to playing something that shoot things at themselves....crazy (I know)..looks like I have to compromise with the cat god again in my sleep....zzz

2:00 AM....Invaders finally depart from the house....disaster ended...thankeow the cat god..looks like my praying and compromise to the cat god worked...reporting damage done on blog....

IMPORTANTCats out there don't let this happen to you!!! Don't think it won't happen at your home next!! Take action now!! ....On the other note... Will I live with a hungry stomach from now on?

--End Paigow Emergency News Report--

What a nyaeowly day...

Today has been a nya-eow-ly day as I look out the window of my house, I think back to the days when I had a bowl full of unlimited food source...I wonder what ponders outside.

But as I reach out my paws onto the concrete to make a daring step, I forgot one thing...dirt is another one my major enemies. I try to overcome it and take another step, and a dog starts barking...

I quickly pounce back inside and under the chair and begin cleaning my feet off. And boy... am glad I only took 2 steps outside the house. I am glad to be home.