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Waking up to an orange

When I woke up this morning, there was this unidentified fruit beside me. What could this possibly mean? It's been bothering me for the whole day. Is my diet about to change? Is it a message from the gods telling me something is about to happen? Or do the gods want me to go to a vegetarian diet from now? Or is this just a ball for me to roll around with?

I've been pondering the answer all day today while the world outside the house seems to be turning whiter for some reason. Everything outside is slowly disappearing. Or maybe it's just my eyes playing tricks on me...Or something is really happening.

To Be Continued...

Training for my battle outside

As a cat, I must train to do various moves to avoid the danger of the outside world. As part of my plan to journey to the beaches of Florida. In this movie or clip rather, I'm doing a very dangerous move that kitties around the world should not try at home.

Only specially trained cats like me have the experience do such a move. You may get injured if you try this without a master ninja cat sensei with an approved license like me.


Back from my journey-nya

You've all been probably wondering where I've been. During the past few weeks, I've decided to had enough of been cold since my heater found another job... (shame on him for leaving me!) and secretly I night I packed up and go to Brazil, I saw a magazine on the table and it looks very warm there. Since it's so cold here!!

But it was a horrible decision as the outside world is not for cats. What a terrible mistake it was to go out. I had to live off saved up treats because I couldn't open up the cans of cat food. I should file a law suit, whats the point of easy opening cans when a cat can't open it. I need to speak to my cat lawyer. And who knew that the local bus didn't accept meow-mix currency!!

Anyhow it was a horrible decision. I've decided that 1st what I need is a cat's drivers license. I might take another journey to the local DMV or rather DM(Cat)V.