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Lost in the snow?!

Getting back down the mountain wasn't an easy job, but as I am a trained house cat, I finally made it through all the snow and ice. But as soon as I arrive at the bottom of the mountain, I notice that I am lost. With the snow covering everything, I lost any source of possible landmarks. And my cat smell wasn't helping much either. Where are the bushes, flowers, grass and paths that use to be here? The position of the cars aren't helping either! How will I make my way back home? I'm missing my meow mix already... Perhaps I should be meowing for help from the people, but a king never does that. And I will lose my pride, but my hungry stomach may be changing that soon.

Day 2 Journey into the Wild - Battle Against the Whiteness

My journey outside has led me to more mysteries, where's the grass? It's been eaten away by the snow! It's eating everything around my kingdom, and in order to protect my servants and citizens I must do something!

Has the world come to a disaster while I was deep in my dream? Cars are buried in this whiteness called Snow. Their legs (wheels) trapped forever and unable to move. I see servants battling the enemy called snow with axes and knifes, and throwing it aside trying to escape from it to reach their little moving vehicles. My own servants has dug me a path for me to get a good view or the disaster that has been brought upon the houses.

Will my house be safe? It's covered by the whiteness as well, I am afraid soon or later, it will get inside through the door. An invasion is what is about to happen, I must prevent it. I will risk my life to climb to the highest point to observe what is about to happen this world. I have no fear with my lucky hot dog bun coat and the red cat god necklace. I have the lucky japanese cat god on my side.


Adventure into the Whiteness

Today is my journey to investigate why it turned so white outside as I need to make sure the safety of my castle and homeland. ...As I creep-ed outside the door, I sank into the white material as if it were going to eat me alive, like everything else outside that has been already engulfed by. I immediately hopped back in before it could eat me. I had to be prepared!

I grabbed my lucky red scarf and into sink bun gear. And made the journey outside. Wish me luck, and a safe return back to my castle, my fellow knights and citizens! I shall conquer the whiteness and bring back success!

Your Royal King,